Investing in Critical Materials that Empower the Clean Energy Revolution

Investing over $600 Million

of equity capital

100+ years combined experience

in Metals and Mining Industry and Private Equity investing

20+ Primary Investments

with 15+ exits

Leading Private Equity Investor in Metals.

Arias Resource Capital (ARC) is one of the first private equity firms focused on the metals sector and has been investing since 2007, having identified and invested in metals powering the next generation of clean energy storage. Our unique industry experience enables us to utilize our extensive knowledge and networks to source opportunities, and our investment strategy is focused on diversified asset portfolios in critical materials and the innovation driving the global clean energy revolution.

Commitment to Responsibility.

As a firm that invests primarily in the resource sector, ARC understands that its decisions may have significant impacts on communities, local economies and the environment. For this reason, we aspire to act responsibly while creating shared value. We seek to integrate the following principles as appropriate into both our investment decisions and operational management:

We strive to treat all employees fairly and help empower their economic success
We seek to promote governance standards of ethical and responsible decision making
We aim to mitigate the environmental impact of the business
We invest in critical materials that can power the clean energy transition towards a greener future